Student Experience

Additional Prep: Regents are one of the most important tests in order for students to graduate. The students are required to pass these tests in order to receive high school diploma. In order to help all students graduate and also receive an advanced diploma, our school provides extra preparation time after school and also Saturday review to prepare students to pass those exams at no cost at all!

CPC: The CPC program is an after school program that provides students an additional learning environment so they can study and learn from each other. In the program, students can stay to do their homework or study for their classes and if they encounter any difficulties, there are tutors to help them to overcome the problem.

Campus: The school of QHSLS shares the same campus as the Flushing High School and Veritas Academy, but we have our own section of the campus so we wouldn’t be mixed with students of other schools and we maintain our own style and values.

Sport Teams & Clubs: Our school combines sport teams with the other two schools on our campus (Flushing High School and Veritas Academy) to offer the greatest range of sports to our students. There are many sports offered such are badminton, football, table tennis, basketball, baseball etc. The clubs of our school varies from year to year and include academic ones such as robotics club and music club. There also clubs that involve in student interests such as chess club and board game club, etc to fit students’ personal interests.

What makes QHSLS unique

Our school focuses on student relations and tries to knit the community together. When students are absent, the parent coordinator will call the student’s family to ensure their status, and before each important event, parent coordinators would also call the families of students to inform them about the event incase they have not been informed.

Since the school is small, the teachers can adjust their lesson planning to the students’ specific needs accordingly. Each member of our staff would get chances to know each students we have and help them in areas of need, get to know their strengths, and also areas where improvements are needed. The teachers of our school are relatable. They can better communicate with students and have a better understanding of each student because they are empathetic with the assistance of the structure of the school. 

The principal (and assistant principal) of our school are always around and willing to help, unlike schools that are much larger. Our principals also know every single one of our students, and they take their time to help students with their needs, and also to listen to their concerns to make our school better.

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