SLC (Student Led Conference)

SLC stands for Student Led Conference. In SLC, students would tell their parents and teachers about their progess in school. Before the conference, the students have to write scripts for each class. They have to write about their strengths in each class and what do they need to impove on. In addition to that, they also have to talk about how they acheived PRIDE over the year. P stands for Partnership, R stands for Responsibility, I stands for inquiry, D stands for Determination, and E stands for Empathy. For example, if you follow partnership, you are good at working with other students. It would help you in the future because you would need to work with people. You also have to show yours work from that class to the parent. Works include testes, quizzes, essays, and projects. SLC is different from parent teacher conference because in parent teacher conference, teachers speak the most, but in SLC, the student do most of the talking. 

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