If you arrive early you can go to the cafeteria, stores (Dunkin’ Donuts, Tous les Jours), or you can make an appointment with teacher to get academic help.img_4176

Bus,Train Stop Walk time
Q12 Roosevelt Av / Bowne St 9 min
Q16 Get off at 39 Av / 138 St 6 min
Q15/15A/19/25/65/66 Main Street Station 15 min
Q26 Roosevelt Av/ Prince St 15 min
Q27 Main St & 39 Av 7 min
Q13/28 Northern Blvd/ Parsons Blvd right front of school
Q34 Main st/Northern BL 6 min
Q16/17/20A/20B/44 Union St/35 Av right back of school
Q48 Roosevelt/ Main Street 10 min
Q50 Linden Pl/35 Av 5 min
Subway 7 Main Street Station 15 min


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