Guidance Counselor

Ms. Leon Chu, Mr. Ku and Ms. Tu are the three guidance counselors of the school. Each one of them have a specific job and range of students they help with.

Mr.Ku is responsible for English speaking students, he will help students with their personal lives, school lives, relationship with others and any other concerns a student may have. Similar to Mr.Ku,

Ms. Tu is responsible for Chinese speaking students, she will help students with same concerns and problems within or out of the school just like Mr. Ku would.

The difference between Ms. Leon Chu and other guidance counselors is that she is more of a college counselor, she is able to help students specifically about college process such as fee waiver and help to fill out the common application.

The students can consult with a guidance counselor whenever they have a concern and the guidance counselors would be willing to help. Just knock on their door!

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