College majors, description, and helpful courses.

Choosing a MAJOR in college is a important decision, the choices you make now can effect the career choices you will have after graduation, so take advantage of the vast resources on BigFuture by College Board.
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Majors Description Helpful High School Courses
Pharmacy Pharmacy learn how to run pharmacies, prepare medications, and counsel patients. Living Environment, Chemistry, Math
Computer Sciences Computer sciences study the software or hardware to make computers more efficient.The courses that you should take: computer science, information science, and information technology. AP Calculus BC, Foreign Language, Discrete math, AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry, Ap Statistic, AP Physic B or Physic C
Biology Biology is the study of life and living organisms. Such as why people can get sick and how to deal with it. Living Environment, Chemistry
Chemical engineering Chemical engineering majors learn how to put chemicals to work. Improving the way factories use chemicals to make products and solving problems. Computer science, Biology, AP Physics C,AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC
Finance Finance majors learn how to analyze risk using math and statistic. They also learn how to use their knowledge to solve management problems in business. AP Calculus BC, AP Statistic, Computer Science, Economics
Marketing Marketing majors learn how to promote and sell products and service. AP Calculus BC, AP Statistic, Economics
Education Education majors study how people learn and how to best teach them. You will take classes cover such topics as educational psychology, school health and safety issues, and the planning of classroom activities. AP Psychology, AP English Literature, AP English Language, US History
Food Science Food Science is study of physic, biological, and chemical make up to food. Living Environment, Chemistry, Physical, Biology
Digital Arts Digital arts students use computers to create arts, they work in digital photography,animation and other digital or interactive media. AP Studio Art, AP Art History, Website design, Precollege math, Computer/graphic arts, Photography, English
Military Technology Military Technology create the weapons or systems to help military. Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Foreign Language, AP Calculus


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