College Experiences

photo_11We had visited different types of colleges with the school and got to learn more about each college campus!

SUNY college experiences
In the past, we visited Old Westbury, New Paltz, Stony Brook, and Binghamton University.

CUNY college experiences

Private college experiences

We go to a college fair in Manhattan with our guidance counselor every year in fall!

In our junior year, our school provided college planning classes once a week to junior students, in order to help them prepare for college applications and give out college information.

Our college guidance counselor would help students register for SAT or ACT tests.

Our school also provides multiple AP classes for student who are interested in college level classes. (AP US. history, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chinese, AP literature, AP Biology, and AP Physics.)

Our school also provide SAT prep on Saturday for students who need help on SAT test.

Keep it up and make college dream real!

We have learned about various college experiences, but what are the differences and similarities  between College and High School?

How to survive in College?

To achieve the best in college!


  • Can live in the dorm Vs. Go home everyday
  • Based on your schedule Vs. Go to school every weekday
  • Textbooks burn your money Vs. Textbooks are free
  • Money to pay for College Vs. No tuition in Public High School
  • Live with your friends (dorming) Vs. Live with your family
  • Time yourself Vs. Schedule from school
  • Wishes to go Vs. Required to go
  • Attendance suggested (you have to be responsible) Vs. Attendance mandatory
  • Judge your own time Vs. Follow curfew


  • You still have to take math classes and other general education classes
  • Tests and paper assignments are still there
  • Good study habits are important
  • Various Clubs and activities
  • Time management is crucial
  • Please be on time for each class
  • Respect each other
  • Taking notes in class to study well
  • Responsible for academic work
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