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Some classes from 9th grade may continue to the next grade. For example, in 9th grade you take Gym, in the 10th grade, you also take Gym (you take gym every year). Some students have already passed the regent, so they would not take that class again. This is why some students have Algebra in 9th grade but some have Geometry.

9th Grade Classes: 

  • Living Environment(生物,环境): Learning about the environment studies. Also, you learn about the livings.
  • Statistic(统计): Study graphing from the data, possibility.
  • Theater Language(影视艺术): Learn how to act, and read scripts.
  • CC Geometry(共同核心 几何):  Solve for values of a geometric shape.
  • CC Algebra(共同核心 代数): We learn linear about equations, inequalities, relations, functions, and algebraic fractions.
  • Mandarin(中文): Speak chinese in area of life. Learn Pinyin. Learn characters.

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Students write the Essay about Father’s back to described

10th Grade Classes: (Some classes you might take in 11th grade)

  • Visual Art(画画): Drawing.
  • Physical Education(体育): You play sports. For example, badminton, basketball, and volleyball, etc.
  • English(英文): You learn grammar, vocabulary, sentence format, reading and writing.
  • Chemistry(化学): We learn about chemicals, reaction, how to use reference table to find atomic number.
  • Earth Science(地理): We learn about rocks, the atmosphere, planets, and  Earth.
  • Health(健康): Sex education and health education.
  • Trigonometry(三角学): Learn about the properties of triangles (Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, arccosine, arctangent, secant, cosecant, cotangent, etc ).

11th Grade Classes:(Some classes you might take in 12th grade)

  • Computer Application(电脑程序): Make your own website and learning the fundamentals of coding.
  • Physic(物理): Physics is a type of science. The study of matter and energy.
  • Music(音乐): Study some area of music. For example, how to play instruments.

12th Grade Classes:

  • Study Hall(自习课):Only Seniors! Students can do homework and ask other students for help. If you are late, you do not have to get the late pass, lateness to this class will not be recorded.
  • Government(政府): Learn about the roles of government officials.
  • Senior Math(数学): Learning about the economy, and statistics.
  • Modern Band(乐队): You play instrument(keyboard, drum, and guitar). You will have concert.
  • Science Research(科学调查): Do experiments, and write report.

AP Classes:

  • AP Biology(大学 生物): This class teaches biology at a college level.
  • AP Calculus(大学 微积分): This class teaches calculus.
  • AP US(大学 美国历史): This class teaches the US history at a college level
  • AP Literature(大学 英文): This class teaches english at a college level.
  • AP Chinese(大学 中文): This class teaches Chinese at a college level. 
  • AP Physics C(大学 物理): This class teaches physics at a college level. Some topics of this course are momentum, and mechanical energy.
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