AP Classes

College-level courses – Advanced Placement classes (AP classes)

      • Advanced placement is a program of college-level courses offered in many high schools, provides a variety of subjects, including Languages, Math, Arts, and Sciences.

          What AP classes do we have?

  • In our school, we offer many different types of AP classes. These include AP Chinese, AP Literature,  AP Statistics, AP U.S. History, AP Biology, AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB.

 What is the purpose of taking AP classes?

      • Less college tuition fee: if you take AP classes in high school and score well on certain AP subjects ( at least 3 or higher), you may receive class credit towards college.
      • Developing general skills: AP classes are challenging which can help students gain the skills and good study habits through overcoming the hardships. These general skills include problem-solving and time management.
      • Impressing college admission officers: AP classes can make your college application look good because taking AP courses implicitly means that the students have the ability to handle challenging college courses.veteran-1807121_1280

       What special about AP classes?

    • Boost up your marking period average: Because you are taking a class that is harder than a regular class, your average of AP classes would be weighted by the scale of 1.1, which means if you get an 80 in an AP class, your final grade on report card will be 88.
    • Great amounts of assignments to challenge yourself: If you feel that regular classes can’t satisfy your curiosity and desire of study, you should take an AP class to explore more in a certain subject!
    • Stand out in college admission! Deciding to take an AP course let colleges and universities know that you have what it takes to succeed in a competitive environment. When admissions officers see “AP” on your transcript, they know that you are prepared for the challenges of college. Taking AP is a sign that you’re up for the most rigorous classes that your high school has to offer.koli-bacteria-123081_1280

        (FAQs about AP classes!)

       How do I view my AP score?

    • By signing in to your college board account and accessing to Advanced Placement Courses. It takes about two months to get your score after you took the AP exams. (Remember to keep your AP number just in case something happens)   

Will I be penalized if I answer the multiple choice questions incorrectly?

  • The total scores are based on the number of questions you get correct. Therefore, there is no penalty for incorrect answers and no credit for unanswered questions.

Do I have to take the AP test if I take AP course?

  • Yes, it’s mandatory to take the AP test if you take the course, just like regents. Once you take the course, you are also responsible for taking the test. 

How many total questions are on the AP test? How many minutes we have? Is it all multiple choices? Any short answers?

  • The number of questions will always remain the same for both multiple choices and short answers, and each test will take three hours with an exception of AP Physics C which splits up into 90-minute parts. 

How do I apply for AP classes in my school? What requirements does it require for?

  • You need to check if your school offers approved AP classes. The school decides to whether assigning you in AP class or by the application. 

How can I get more information about AP Classes?    Ap classes!

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