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What’s the difference between High School tests and College tests?

High school test: In high school, teachers give students tests very often. Teachers usually help the students to review before the test. If a student doesn’t do well in the test, teachers may offer test correction to make up the student’s grade.

College testProfessors don’t give tests often. Professors wouldn’t remind students about the test and wouldn’t help the students review the test. It would be the student’s responsibility to study on their own.

What’s the difference between a high school teacher and college professor?

High school teachersIn high school, teachers know who you are, and keep in mind of your personality. They would use these information to help you accordingly. They would also remind you of due dates coming up to make sure you can finish your assignments on time.


College professors: College is more impersonal than high school, and the class sizes are usually larger(almost 40 students in a class). Therefore, the professors usually don’t know you very well. If you are confused on something, you need to make an appointment with the professor to resolve the confusion. If you miss a class, you would need to copy your notes from your friends. university-105709_1280

The GPA: The GPA is a good way to indicate how well a student is doing in college. Your GPA can’t go below 2.0. If it goes below 2.0, you will be kicked out or have to transfer to another college to prove you can able to finish college lessons.

DiscussionIn the college you should always be discussing with your group members and your professor to show interest in the class. If you stay quiet in class, you may be risking a low grade.

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